Independence Day in Gambia: Inspiration & Ideas

The Significance of Gambia’s Independence Day

Celebrates Gambia’s independence from British colonial rule on February 18, 1965. The day is marked with various national ceremonies, including parades, speeches by government officials, and cultural performances showcasing the country’s heritage and traditions.

Best Books about the Independence Day in Gambia

  1. “The Gambia: The Untold Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s Story” by Pa Nderry M’Bai – This book provides insights into the political climate of Gambia post-independence, focusing on the rule of Yahya Jammeh. It gives context to the importance of independence and the struggles that followed.
  2. “Historical Dictionary of The Gambia (5th Edition)” by Arnold Hughes and David Perfect – This comprehensive dictionary includes entries on significant aspects of Gambian history, politics, and culture, with references to the independence era.
  3. “A Political History of The Gambia, 1816-1994” by Arnold Hughes and David Perfect – Offers a detailed examination of The Gambia’s political history from the establishment of the British Crown Colony to the first few decades following independence.

Best Movies and Documentaries about the Independence Day in Gambia

  1. “Africa: A Voyage of Discovery with Basil Davidson” – This documentary series features an episode on the decolonization of Africa, providing valuable context about the era in which Gambia gained independence.
  2. “Gambia: The Coup” (BBC Documentary) – This documentary provides insights into a significant event in Gambia’s post-independence political landscape, offering a perspective on the country’s governance and challenges.

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